Flatiron Earthworks LLC, (previously Rodriguez Landscaping) was founded by our father Gilberto Rodriguez (senior) in 1999. My brother Jaime and I (Gilberto Rodriguez Jr.) learned hands on by working alongside our father, a veteran in the industry with more than 25 years of experience. Several years later our father who suffers from chronic knee pain felt the need to move on and find less demanding physical work. There was nothing my brother and I knew more than working in this industry, so we took this as an opportunity to begin our own venture.

We offer various services and types of work such as flagstone and paver patios, retaining walls, stone slab steps, stone coping, fire pits, boulder setting to water features and water gardens. Also, we install smart sprinkler systems to help reduce water consumption, planting of trees, shrubs and sodding. With more than ten years of experience, we offer excellent workmanship for competitive prices.

We really enjoy what we do, although there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients smile upon completion of their newly landscaped home.

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